We have Inhouse repair centres for advanced component level repairs, PCBA repairs, Cannibalization and Refurbishment. Our expert manpower and years of experience enables us to restore defective products in conditions equivalent to new and help brands reduce the operating cost on materials and reuse them for effective deliveries. We also specialize in providing IC’s and Other components sourcing to repair the given products along with providing them RCA on the faults observed which further reduces the brands workload and ensure them to focus on quality.

  • Qualified and skilled Workforce.
  • Dedicated team as per domain requirements.
  • Component Level PCB Repair Support for all Products.
  • Mobile Handsets DOA Repair & Refurbishment setup.
  • LED TV Panel Repair expertise.
  • Expandable Repair Facility As Per Requirement
  • Parts Cannibalization and Packing setup.